What is Bounce Rate and why users abandon your site


Bounce Rate can be defined as the percentage of users that leave automatically the site after landing on it. They arrive to your website and immediately they change their mind. This can be dependable on different reasons, and I am explaining them all below.

Your content doesn’t match with what they are looking for.

The information of the landing page (content) and the efforts for attracting people are not on the same page. A simile of this: Imagine you are walking in the street looking for a greengrocer, as you need to buy some apples. Suddenly a man in front of a store tells you they do have apples, so you decide to enter into  the shop and buy them. However, once you are inside you realise that it´s a pound shop, and they have only fragrant apples. It’s not fruit!

Tip: Try to optimise your marketing resources to get valuable traffic.

 Although your content do match, they can’t find it quickly

In this case you have that information in your site, but you may be driving your traffic to the wrong page. In the previous comparison, you enter to the fruit shop after the man tells you and you are disposed to buy apples. However, you are on the vegetables section! You spend some time trying to figure out where the apples are and, as your patience is limited, you end up leaving the site.

Tip: Try to drive your traffic to the page that offers what they are expecting to see.

They can find what they are looking for, but it is not enough

Your content may not be offering all the users want. Following the simile, you are now into the fruit shop and there are apples. Eureka! This is the good one! However, they only have one type of apples and you were  expecting to have some and make a decision about what type you want.  Or perhaps the information about each type, in case of having various, is not enough. As you are dissatisfied, you leave.

Tip: Try to optimise your content to offer valuable and enough information about what you are offering.

All these cases are real situations experience by users on your home page, and it’s really important to focus resources in optimising them in order to decrease the bounce rate metric.

Are you thinking in other scenario not covered in this article? Tell us!


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