Third and Fourth dimension in Google Analytics Custom Reports

Something we’ve been waiting for long is finally here… Something that will increment our possibilities when analysing the data. I am talking about using a third and a fourth dimension in Google Analytics. It’s been released, it’s free and we can definitely use it!!

You’re probably finding that in many times breaking down two dimensions is not enough… Before now, unless we configured a report using the Google Analytics API (like a Google Spreadsheets plugin) through a third party, we couldn’t get to apply a third dimension to a report… Nor a fourth!

Google Analytics has just included the third and fourth dimensions in Custom Reports and now we can combine more dimensions when analysing the data. How? See below step by step:

  1. In Google Analytics, go to the Customisation section, and then create or edit a Custom Report.
  2. Click and select the option flat table.
  3. Select 3 or 4 Dimensions.
  4. Select some metrics.
  5. Apply and enjoy.

Google Analytics Custom Report Image

In this occasion I’ve decided to analyse personas (gender, age) by channel and also country, to analyse potential countries and personas to do a better targeting when launching campaigns. Data is displayed as you can see below:

Google Analytics Custom Report Image Data

Google Analytics will display a message box explaining that some data has no been included. This is due to a threshold in which a minimum of data should occur in order for it to be shown.

Google Analytics Custom Report threshold


All features available in previous Custom Reports that we use every day as analysts are also available! We’ll be able to filter, apply segments, export it to an Excel document or even deliver it by email in PDF format.

When clicking on the advanced within the filter section, all four dimensions will be available to be filtered:

Google Analytics Custom Report FIltering  The report can also be fully exported to an Excel, if we need to work with filters or pivot tables:

Google Analytics Custom Report Exported Excel

Or we can apply a segment to compare and analyse the data. The following report shows how many of the sessions are bounces for each group:

Google Analytics Custom Report Segment Applied


Emailing in PDF format is something we can also do!

Google Analytics Custom Report Email PDF

Do you want to share any other thing we can do with Google Analytics and four dimensions? Please, feel free!

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